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Chocolate Face Mask

The first thought that came to mind after I detected regarding the chocolate mask had everything to try to to with pictures of skin problem shooting up everywhere my face.  I mean, we've got been completely light-emitting diode to believe that chocolate (oh, that delicious stuff of my dreams) equates skin problem. a number of North American country old chocoholics have even been through, what we have a tendency to believe, was chocolate elicited skin problem attack on our faces.

You can currently get obviate those horrid pictures of skin problem and take solace within the incontrovertible fact that bound sorts of chocolate are literally sensible for you.  Chocolates are high in flavonoids (not to be confused with flavonols) square measure sensible for your body attributable to their inhibitor properties.

The chocolate inhibitor properties applies to chocolate consumed orally and chocolate applied locally to your skin, that is what this post is about: a sun-protecting chocolate mask for traditional skin. chocolate high in flavonoids helps defend your skin against UV/sun injury abundant within the same approach as tomatoes do.  Also, the meal during this chocolate mask direction exfoliates your skin.

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*1/2 cup of chocolate high in inhibitor flavanoids
3 tbsp of cream
3 tsp meal
*Make positive your chocolate has not been Dutch-processed as a result of the method gets obviate most of the antioxidants.


Grind/blend the meal in order that it's a fine powder. combine the chocolate, fine meal, and cream along in an exceeding bowl till it's a paste that you simply will use on your face.  Apply the chocolate mask to your face victimization your fingers and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
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